tanbearine's motion graphics commissions

Welcome to my website! I'm andy, a.k.a. tanbearine, an LGBTQIA+ multimedial artist based in Italy, currently interning at frame by frame in Rome as a motion graphics editor and animator.I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo and Grafimated School for Comicbook and Illustration in Palermo, my expertise include:

  • Motion graphics editing for music videos, narrated videos and streaming assets such as layouts and stingers;

  • drawing for comicbooks, illustrations and character design;

  • basic knowledge of 2d animation.

I hope you can consider commissioning me for my works and have interest in my style of editing, animation and art too!

demo reel

what tools I use

  • adobe after effects

  • adobe premiere

  • clip studio paint

  • wacom cintiq 16''

terms of services

tos & payment rules

please read my tos and payment rules before commissioning me!

  • When paying the invoice, the client is agreeing to these terms:

  1. I retain the right to refuse your commission if I find myself uncomfortable with the request;

  2. Payment will be processed via a PayPal invoice sent by me to the client, unless stated otherwise. Please do not send any form of payment/retribution without my request;

  3. Payment will be requested after having discussed with the client of all the details for the commission and before starting any form of work on my end on the product(s) to deliver;

  4. I will also accept payment on Ko-fi under certain circumstances;

  5. I will accept either EUR or equivalent amount in USD;

  6. Commercial works will require a 50% fee;

  7. Pricing can't be negotiable after agreeing to pay the invoice;

  8. My commissions are not a first come first serve service, priority will be given to projects with a closer deadline and a rush fee of 20% of total price will be applied;

  9. You may not involve me nor use my works for projects involving NFTs, crypto-currencies or blockchains of any sorts.

these rules can and will be subject to change

pricing list

animated assets

important → price will vary depending on complexity of the request

♦ Asset Type:♦ Includes:♦ Base Price:
Stinger→ An animated transition for OBS; transparent file in .mov→ 180€ (will vary on complexity)
2D Animated Stinger→ An animated transition for OBS with elements of 2D animation; transparent file in .mov→ 270€ (will vary on complexity)
Streaming Layout→ Graphic elements for scene layout for OBS (animated backgrounds will be loopable); transparent file in .mov→ 200€ for static
→300€ for animated backgrounds (will vary on complexity)
2D Animated Elements→ A short, simple and loopable animation of either character, an object or animated elements to place on top of scene overlays for OBS→ 200€ (will vary on complexity)

music & lore videos

important → base cost application will be multiplied per minute of song/estimated lenght of video and may vary depending on complexity of the request
(e.g. 4 min long MV + kinetic typography = 1200€ + 200€ for extra element added for a total of 1400€)

♦ Video Type:♦ Requires Art:♦ Provided by:♦ Base Price:
SubtitlesNot NecessarilyClient→ 100€
Original MVYesClient/Me→ 300€ (will vary on complexity or request of providing art services)
Lore VideoYesClient/Me→ 280€ (will vary on complexity or request of providing art services)

important → for inquiries including art services provided by me, please contact me privately

previous work

list updated as of 23/11/2022